What Is A Self-Serve Dog Wash

The Clean Edge Carwash self-serve dog wash service offers pet owners excellent facilities to bath and wash their pet dogs, while keeping the costs down. As a pet dog owner, you probably know how messy and disordered bathing a dog at home can be.

When it is sunny outside, you can choose to chase your pet dog around with the usual garden hose, making several mud puddles and not accomplishing that much. Or perhaps, you can bath and wash your pet dog in your own bath tub, making a gigantic wet hairy jumble of the whole bathroom wetting yourself and so many towels during the entire bathing process. Or if you can, bring the dog to the dog groomers requiring double trips, a very long waiting time inside a dog cage and a good reduction in your budget.

That is where Clean Edge Carwash self-serve dog wash service comes in. At Clean Edge, they provide every customer with waist-level state-of-the-art bathtubs designed for cleaning and washing any breed of dog. Also, they include built-in ramps to guide bigger dogs to enter the tub as well as slip-free bottom so that the dog will feel secure. Their heavy-duty water sprayers are also pre-set in safe and comfortable temperature. They also have aprons for both children and adult.

They also provide 100% natural conditioners and shampoos. When the bathing is over, an extremely powered blow dryers will be used to dry off the wet dog along with a very absorbent towels and chamois, leaving the whole mess in the bathtub for their attendant to clear and clean up. So why bath your dog at home by yourself? Try the self-serve dog wash service now at Clean Edge Carwash! It is less stressful on your dog and yourself and cheaper.

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