How To Choose The Best Recessed LED downlights

LED Downlights are placed or designed in such a way that it throws illumination downwards. It often comes with metal cylinder, mounted on or recessed into the ceiling.


A recessed downlight should have proper regression, which basically pertains to how “recessed” the downlight really is. A full, or “deep” fixture has a regression that describes the light source being seated high up into the housing and the surrounding trim is deep. A fully regressed downlight fixture is designed to provide a less distracting glare. This is where the light source is less visible when the downlight is being seen from afar. Consumers use this to get a more comfortable and pleasing visual experience.

There is little or no regression at all for cheaper fixtures.  This can actually put the light source near the ceiling plane and can be dangerous because it can cause eye fatigue.

Now if you do not have idea of what to look for when acquiring a downlight fixture, you need to consider just a few things. First the size you want to get. Aperture sizes are ranging from 2-inches up to 8-inches in diameter. The 6-inch size is generally functional for many ways, hence it can be a good choice for general illumination applications. That is if your space is from 8’-0” to 10’-0” ceiling.

You can acquire the smaller sizes but they can look a little bit ordinary. These smaller ones can be used primarily for accent lighting with lower light level needs.


Installing recessed downlights should not be hard. Everything should come with complete mounting tools otherwise, you bought a substandard product.

Great choice for LED downlights are available either online or in physical stores. You can always read the reviews of experienced consumers and see which would be the best according to your needs.

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